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Eurospring is the result of the experience accumulated over more than 30 years by its founders with respect to the market for components for automotive suspension. Having some of them started their business precisely with the trade of springs, laminated springs and steels in the repair market, they soon realized the need to evolve towards production itself. Currently holding the capital of companies certified to produce U-bolts for suspensions, including for first equipment (OEM), they have never neglected the importance of the repair market. Hence the decision to create and maintain a stock specifically adapted to the needs of this market. Set up in 2007, Eurospring started its exports in the course of that year, having opened its subsidiary in Madrid at the end of 2010.



“Quality on the move” When we talk about suspension as a "set of springs and shock absorbers which considerably attenuate the effects of trepidation on a motor vehicle", it is clear that its quality is evidenced by movement. These effects of trepidation have an impact not only on driving comfort but also on safety and, in the case of commercial vehicles, the load factor must be added. Here springs play a key role, contributing to the stability of vehicles. A dynamic service and adjusted to the reality of each customer allied to a wide range of products, corresponding to the quality standards of the first equipment ... is what moves us!

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